Parody: Porn in the CDA (to the tune of “Born in the USA” by Springsteen)

Sat down and I got online
Heard the modem squealin’, I was feeling fine
Everyone’s asleep and they’ll never know
That I’m grabbing dirty pictures fast as I can GO:

Porn in the CDA., there’s still porn in the CDA
Check out the porn in the CDA, porn in the CDA

Nuthin wrong with a fantasy
But Congress knows what’s good for me
Gonna legislate reality
Gonna save me til I’m 23

Porn in the CDA…

Click on a site and it wants my age
Needs a credit card ‘fore it gives a page
Didn’t know that there would be a quiz
Lucky I remember where my dad keeps his

They can’t keep me out of there
Are they unaware
Newsgroups are everywhere?
Overseas sites have pictures to spare
I’m just so glad that my congressman cares now

They blocked the sites to try and teach me self control
At least I guess that was their ultimate goal
If I want smut I’ll have to resort
To re-reading Kenneth Starr’s report

Porn in the CDA, I want porn in the CDA
Porn in the CDA, I’m a red hot surfer in the CDA
Porn in the CDA, Porn in the CDA
Porn in the CDA, I’m a hard-clickin’ surfer in the CDA

(with apologies to Bruce Springsteen and the American people…)

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