Hoot Island returns! Kinda.


Guess it’s been a while,. huh.

You know, I totally meant to call. Really. But with one thing and another, and, well, you know…

Anyway, I’m back up and working on rebuilding the Island from scratch, more or less, so please bear with me while I figure this out. There’s gonna be a short period of messiness, I suspect, while I get everything back online.

But in the meantime, you can go read my short story collection “Giggling Into the Pillow” for free! It’s over at Smashwords, in several different formats for your portable reading pleasure. Not that I’d ever stop you from buying a print copy for yourself, of course…

Thanks for checking back, and I hope to hang around another 10 years.

7 Responses to “Hoot Island returns! Kinda.”

  • Triad says:

    Yay! Chris is BAAACK!! More silly sex, please – one of each.

  • Poison Ivan says:

    Wow! Good to see you back, Chris.

  • Joani Blank says:


    Glad you are back. Hey, I have a text copy of the interview you did with me ages ago. I’m now a City Brights Blogger with SFGate. http://www.citybrights.com and I’d like to post that old interview. Of course I’ll tell my readers about Hoot Island and that you are back. Okay with you?


  • wyyrd says:

    Of course! Please, feel free, Joani. And thanks for the welcome!

  • Mike says:

    lol… looking forward to more postings!

    If you need any inspiration, have you seen the painting called “When Mona Came to Tea”?

    (It’s on my website if you can’t find it. It seems to be right up your street… er… island!)

  • Wimz says:

    Hey! Long time, no see! I haven’t written anything for a long time, but hope to do so again, soon! Glad to see you’re KINDA back – are you too busy to rejoin ERWA? Talk to ya…
    Wimz :)

  • Nathan says:

    Hey. I never knew you left lol. I love the new look. But where is the weird/bizarre section? I came here the other day looking for that link for that anthropomorphic furry/yiffy artist (Gary or Tom or Paul something) and there’s not even a section to put him in lol! You know, the one that draws that dog or fox vixen that has a dream about having a ridiculously huge cock and wakes up one day and her dream comes true. I really hope I get a reply because I’ve googled, yahooed, and binged furry/yiffy art trying to find his work but I haven’t had any luck. Also, I clicked “Contact Us” at the bottom of your web page and nothing happened. Hence this long post lol.

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