Story: Do You Want to Play Questions?



“You awake?”

“Why? What’s up?”

“Would you like to make love?”

“Think you can compete with my dream?”

“Who’s my competition?”

“Can you beat Mel Gibson?”

“Patriot Mel or Lethal Weapon Mel?”

“Would you believe Chicken Run Mel?”

“Mind if I try?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Shall we see what develops?”

“What’s that developing down by my leg?”

“How’d that get there?”

“Does it bite?”

“Why don’t you see?”

“Is it safe?”

“Are you scared?”

“Are you kidding?”

“Hey. what’s this?”

“Ooh, what are you doing?”

“You like this?”

“Can’t you tell?”

“What’s this little button for?”

“Ahhh, what if I do this?”

“Ummm, you want me to lose it right here?”

“Can’t last the whole ride?”

“Are you impugning my manhood?”

“Are you gonna use it or what?”

“Can you move your leg over a bit?”

“Think you can find it, hero?”

“Ah, think you can?”

“Is it in yet?”

“Doesn’t it hurt, having your pelvis dislocated like that?”

“Would you wake me when you start, so I don’t miss anything?”

“Think you’ll notice this?”

“Whoo, who kicked you in the ass?”

“You gonna move or what?”

“Sure you don’t mind it being pinched in half, mmmm?”

“Wouldn’t you be disappointed if I was left with only twice… ooh… the normal equipment?”

“Getting modest on me.. eee… EEE?”

“Gonna be my little puppy and turn over?”

“Why, afraid I’ll see you sweat?”

“Can’t take the thunder?”

“There, you like me like this?”

“God, has there ever been a more perfect ass?”

“Oh, you gonna be nice back there?”

“Ummm, you mind if I get some EXercise in?”

“AGH, you tryin’ to split me?”

“Who’s your daddy?”

“Wha.. ha ha ha ha, are you serious?”

“Should I use a deeper voice?”

“Could you just fuck me, please?”

“How could I re… oh, jeez, what are you doing?”

“UNH, UMM, wanna UNH race?”

“Ah, you want… AH… me to lose it?”

“AAAAHHHH, are you ready?”

“Are you? Aieee eee eee, are you?”

“AH, GOD?”



“Did you come?”

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