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Flasher: A Lesson in Manners

Three sets of eyes popped when Billie’s bikini strap did. She grabbed for it, totally embarrassed.

“Whoa…” “Damn, girl…” “Holy…”

I stepped in front of her and glared at my leering friends. “Hey, self-control, be polite, OK?” They filed out, muttering about my masculinity.

After she left I ran to my bedroom, aflame with my glimpse of round, creamy flesh and a delicious-looking chocolate nipple. My aching cock leaped into my hand—

–just as Billie walked back in, smiling. “The important thing about self-control,” she said, untying on purpose this time, “is knowing when it’s polite to lose it.”

Flasher: Moaner for the Dead

The spasms faded, leaving me sweaty, glowing, and alone. I had been his first, and last, and that was special.

Another came instantly, filling my mind and body, taking over and leaving me again a willing passenger. This one was female, I could tell. My hands lifted and passed over my breasts as if they were rare and new.

We explored my body, coaxing it to stretch and open. When we came I felt her unutterable gratitude, and after she left I smiled as I gulped some wine and waited for the next one.

Ouija boards are for amateurs.

Flasher: Being Neighborly

Cathy stormed up to Mitch, her landlord. “OK, what’s going on?”
“What do you mean?”

“Mrs. Carlson in 4B asked if I was dating again. Old man Witherspoon tried to fix me up with his grandson. There was a singles magazine in my mailbox this morning!”

“Oh. Well, you broke up with Rick.”


“We all miss him.”


“See, you’re kinda loud.”


“Yeah, like that. And the walls here are really thin, we can hear everything. It’s better than pay-per-view. You’re amazing.”

“I don’t believe this…”

“You know, my brother’s not seeing anybody, maybe you two could…?”

Flasher: Context is Everything

Looking at the plastic penis in the store, Marie was less than enthusiastic.

“What kind of pathetic people buy these things? Can’t get a real one, so buy an appliance? God, these things are so tacky! How could you buy one of these without dying of embarrassment?”

That night her eyes, dark with need, begged me for the blessed release my oil-slippery hands were promising. She reached for me, spreading her legs wide with a ragged moan. Instead I reached under the pillow for my secret purchase.

Looking at the plastic penis in her bed, Marie was more than enthusiastic.

Story: The Smell of Eve

“Like perfume?” I said, aghast. “Eww?”

Bev grinned at my expression. “Just a little dab behind the ears, another between the tits. Works every time.”

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